Protection levels
Our bulletproof vests are standardized and certified according to National Institute of Justice, abbreviated NIJ. NIJ is internationally regarded as the most accepted standard. The standard covers protection against small arms to heavy automatic weapons and everything in between. The NIJ standard is expressed in Roman numerals, whereby generally the higher the figure, the higher the protection. Below is an overview of the USA NIJ 0101.06 standards used with the associated protection from level IIIA(3A). Our NIJ level 0101.06 IIIA panels are also splinter-resistant (STANAG 2920).
NIJ level IIIA9x19mm FMJ RN; 8.0gN398 m/s
 357 SIG FMJ FN; 8.1g N448 m/s
 .44 Magnum SPEER SJHP; 15.6gN436 m/s
NIJ level III7.62x51 M80 NATO Ball, 9.6g847 m/s
NIJ level III+SS1097.62x39 MSC, 7.9g 730 m/s
 5.56x45 SS109, 4.0g 930 m/s
NIJ level IV7.62x63 M2AP 10.8g878 m/s


Fragment resistant STANAG 2920

Independently tested and approved according to fragmentation STANAG 2920 V50.


German test standard: Association of test centers for attack-resistant materials and constructions (VPAM). Levels 1 t/m 14, of which VPAM 6 does protect againts AK47 ammunition 7.62x39 MSC.

Stab resistant
Our stab proof vests are UK Home Office standard 2007 tested. Protection level HOSDB KR1 SP1. This is a stab-resistant protection against knives and awls with an energy of 24 to 36 joules. KR stands for knife protection and SP for spike protection. This standard is based on the English Home Office Scientific Development Branch, HOSDB for short, also known as the Center for Applied Science and Technology (CAST). An internationally renowned testing institute. In the KR1 and SP1 test, the tip of a knife/awl may not penetrate more than 7mm into the panel in an attack with an energy of 24 joules. At an energy of 36 joules, the tip may not penetrate deeper than 20mm. KR1 SP1 panels also reduce the impact of blows, punches and kicks.
NIJ 0115.00 (USA)
With the stab-resistant standard NIJ 0115.00 level 1, 2 knife blades and spike are tested. (see images underneath).

Cut resistant clothing also offers cut-resistant clothing from Sioen Torskin. These Sioen Torskin products are a good addition to our range of bullet and stab resistant vests. Inquire about the possibilities, telephone +31 (0)26 - 472 00 44.