Kogelwerendvest.nl, part of the Finstral Group B.V. is a reliable and renowned supplier of bulletproof and stabproof vests, ballistic helmets, hard armor plates, shields and related items. We advise, develop and supply the best in Body Armor according to the latest standards to customers within the civilian market, private security organizations and governments. Our goal is to protect lives, paying particular attention to high-risk professions, such as investigating officers, agents, fraud teams, soldiers, security guards and emergency services, but of course also to the personal protection of civilians.

All our high-quality products are certified and approved (NIJ / HOSDB / VPAM) with the aim that they must be able to provide protection in serious calamities with fire and stabbing weapons. In collaboration with our customers, we also develop custom-made products to arrive at practical solutions for various operational requirements. This goes hand in hand with offering professional advice and extensive service and aftercare. Interested? Contact us or click here to schedule an appointment in our showroom.